Discussion Question Week Four

Question: In organizations you have been part of, what communication have you experienced that was particularly effective – be specific. What was the communication and how did it persuade you?

Answer in Jack (John) Junker’s mind: I have been in numerous organizations throughout my life so I am going to pick three organizations in which I shall explain what sorts of communication that I have experienced along with the fact on how that communication has caused me to be persuaded in the past. These organizations would be my high school soccer team, Drum line, and a class in high school called Creative Publishing.

Communication within a team is a must in order for that group to win or just improve. Without communication you could never tell when someone was not covered. You could never call out to someone for a pass or a through ball. You could never ask for help when you need it. You could never give a thumbs up to a teammate that has accomplished a spectacular play or hug a teammate that scored the game winning goal. Needless to say that my soccer team in high school would have gone nowhere if there was no communication held between the players. Needless to say sometimes some communication within a team is unwanted. A prime example would be my former coach. Now I am going to say this plain and simple, he was the picture perfect definition of an asshole. He always criticized everything and never found the good things in a mistake. Everything was about him and not the players. So as a group we became closer because it gave us something to complain about. Those teammates became my brothers on the pitch due to a crazy little Italian man whose communication was both unintelligible and abusive.

Communication within a musical ensemble is more of a motion or physical sense of acknowledgement. You see, when a performance is going on you are unable to say “Up next is Funky Shoes” because it would just be jumbled in all the crashes and bangs from the drums and cymbals. So instead we used hand signals in which a fist would mean “Last time around”, and a certain motion would mean a certain cadence. I guess you can say that the little opening sequence between songs can also be explained as “Hurry up and get ready for the next one.”

Creative Publishing was the class in my high school that was in charge of the school newspaper along with the yearbook, so in general you need communication at it’s finest to make that class a well oiled machine. Such communication would include faceless letters like emails, comments on articles, texts, etc.. along with the occasional face to face conversation. When your putting a book together that the whole school is going to read and criticize you are going to want to make sure all the major errors are out of there along with all of the little mishaps that one could over look. But the main issue in that calss would be “Group Think” because when everyone was in a pickle or that they just did not want to share what they had the editors would persuade the class to go with their ideas and in turn make them the subject of opinion.

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