Week 9 Concept

Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences

By: Marina Eggen

Convergence media technologies have had a major influence on how we receive our news.  Now news companies are not only making newspapers, but also TV stations, and online news articles.  New technologies, such as the Internet, make news accessible at anytime of the day.  Then with the help of other convergence technologies like the smart phone, you can now access that information anywhere.  These convergence media technologies have influenced how we receive the news.  Convergence media has also had some economic influences in the past years.  Online news is free for us to use whenever and where ever we choose.  This is why many people are leaning towards online news now.  Because there is a large focus on of people on online news advertisers are spending more money to put their ads on these websites.  Now the people are not paying for the news but more the advertising companies.  Convergence media technology influences is what actually influences convergence media economic influences.

Example: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/web/07/15/internet.affects.newspapers/index.html?iref=allsearch

This article is about how the web (online news sites, blogs, Facebook) is not killing newspapers but advertising is.  Advertisers want their ads where the most people will see it.  More and more people are using online news sites to find their news and not newspapers.  Because of this advertisers are taking their ads out of newspapers and putting them online.  This is causing the newspapers to loose a lot of money, but it is further increasing the already flourished online news sites.

Discussion Question #9

Describe an advertisement you have encountered that was personalized to you: What visual or text elements do you recall about the ad, and how did the personalization affect you?

By: Marina Eggen

It feels like this advertisement’s target audience is me.  It’s for women who are athletes that don’t care what their body looks like as long as it accelerates them through their sport.  The ad focuses specifically on knees.  I have a very close connection to knees because I had surgery on my left one and was out from my sport of 8 months.  Now that I’m healthy I don’t care what my knees look like as long as they are healthy too.  The visual element was the picture of the scarred, skinned up knees for all to see.  I have an ugly scare on my left knee and I’m not afraid to show it off.  The text element of the ad is really what seems to be personalized for me too.  It describes my family, my personality, and my idea of a great man.  Even though my sport is not soccer I still feel a strong personal connection to this ad.  How did the personalization affect me?  Well, let’s just say my running shoes and flip-flops are Nike, I have an entire running outfit that is Nike, and 3 shirts that are Nike.  I would say that ad along with other Nike ads have been very effective on me.

Here is the Picture of my ad


Concept Week 9

Convergence media technology influences vs. convergence media economic influences

By: Shelby Schroeder

Convergence media has changed technology by creating a lot more competition economically.  Originally there were only a handful of ways to access information through newspapers and magazines and television   Recently however, the internet has changed the world of media completely.    Instead of watching TV or reading the newspaper, people simply went online to do both of these things at the same time.  On the internet, you can have access to facebook or netflix or the NY Times in one simple click of a button, you don’t have to transfer between mediums. Economically, the internet is extremely cheaper, anyone can start their own website for almost no money, one person can reach millions theres no need to go through a large company.  Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that economically, it is no longer expensive to enter the rapidly changing world of technology we live in.

Example: Hulu Website NY Times


Example Explained: This article from the New York Times shows that Hulu started as a great program.  People could watch almost any show they wanted for free!  However, the companies that produce these TV shows are now wanting more and more  money from Hulu, and at one point Hulu was up for sale.  To reach the demand of these TV stations, Hulu now has Hulu Plus, which makes its viewers buy a monthly prescription to watch newer shows.  This has helped Hulu stay afloat while satisfying the companies it gets it shows from.  This really shows how “older” media such as television can work with new media such as Hulu to make everyone happy with their economic state all around.

Discussion question week 9

Describe an advertisement you have encountered that was personalized to you: What visual or text elements do you recall about the ad, and how did the personalization affect you?

By: Shelby Schroeder

An ad that felt personalized to me was the new commercial for Apple’s Ipods.  I have an extremely old Ipod and have been wanting to get a new one for sometime.  The commercial immediately clicked with me because the Ipod comes in my favorite color, electric blue! The comerical also has the Ipods bouncing around to a song so it makes it seem really interactive and fun, this is probably going to be one of the Ipods I actually choose to buy. This is a great example of device convergance.  I love that the Ipod combines so many things from an MP3  player to be able to play video games, write notes, or even go on the internet .


Discussion Question Week 8:

Last week, the discussion question asked you to write about ads you most liked, or hated, because of the visuals. This week, use that as the basis to answer this question: Based on the concepts from Unit 2 (see Concept Book Unit 2) or from the textbook (for example, see page 300), explain why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that worked – or didn’t work?

Ads are everywhere so it is only necessarily that you come up to a couple that you like or a couple that you don’t. I myself remember one particular ad that has made a great impression on me, and the funny thing it wasn’t trying to sell something that is of a physical being. It was trying to sell a symbol or an action to its viewers. It was this commercial that played with my heart strings as well as made me want to get up and “pass it on”. It had the idea sense of pathos within it that grasps the viewers attention the whole time.

But then again there are always ads that just have the tendency to piss me off to be completely honest. Those commercials consist of politics, politics and more politics… with a side of infomercials. The fact that they try so hard in order to degrade competition or rise themselves up on false pretenses just does not make any sense to me. I love the truth and with those I am not getting the whole truth if not any. The prime example would be this commercial on “Olde Brooklyn Lantern”  (It makes you want to buy one right?)

Discussion Week 9

Describe an advertisement you have encountered that was personalized to you: What visual or text elements do you recall about the ad, and how did the personalization affect you?

By Jimmy Lavorato

Being a music lover, an advertisement that really catches my attention needs music that I enjoy. In a way this can be  famous person testimonial seeing as the musicians are celebrities as well. One commercial that was directed at me-me being the targeting audience- was a NASCAR commercial done in 2006 by the famous band “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”. Being a long time fan of the band, I am instantly drawn in by actual concert performance displayed during the commercial. You can see how the camera will quickly change from the large audience at the concert to the audience at the races as if saying Red Hot Chili Peppers and NASCAR fans go hand in hand. The band members are shown having a great time, dressed up in racing gear, signing guitars and taking pictures. Obviously making money off of this commercial, the band is trying to convince their fans that NASCAR is something they enjoy, so you should enjoy it as well.(Even though i’m not entirely sure they do enjoy NASCAR themselves..) Now i’m not a fan of NASCAR myself, but the fact that the Chili Peppers were on the commercial made me watch the entire thing- which is the ultimate goal of advertisements.


Week 8 Discussion Question

Based on the concepts from Unit 2 or from the textbook, explain why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that worked – or didn’t work?

Well looking at the ads I chose as my favorite and most hated I think the reasons they worked were pretty obvious.  The advertisement I liked about how it’s good to send a letter had a really simple slogan.  This plain-folks pitch made me associate sending a letter with a really good feeling- happiness. It doesn’t us a famous- person testimonial or snob-appeal approach so I can really relate to what they’re trying to say.   The ad that I really hated used puffery, which is when an ad featuring an exaggeration about a product that cannot be proven true or false. The ad tried to make you believe that your wrinkles would instantly vanish.  I really dislike when advertisers do this.  Can you really prove that your product is the greatest? I believe consumers have become smarter than this, there’s no reason to continue to try to lie to people who watch commercials. An ad can be honest and eye catching at the same time.

Shelby Schroeder