Discussion Question 4

By Jimmy Lavorato,

In organizations you have been part of, what communication have you experienced that was particularly effective?

I started my own organization in high school and I found that one of the easiest ways to communicate with multiple people is by an e-mail chain. For specific things that I wanted people to remember, I found that when I talked face to face with them, they were more likely to remember that encounter as opposed to an e-mail. So for me verbal communication soon became the best way to effectively communicate with everyone. It was helpful that most of the people I needed to communicate with were students at the school and it wasn’t hard for me to find them. On the other hand when I needed to talk to people like the activities coordinator and people like that, communication via e-mail was the most effective. My people skills and verbal communication skills became very important especially when I needed to sell t-shirts and get members or else the group would have failed. Luckily for me there are many useful ways to communicate with people so the group was a success.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Question 4

  1. By: Shelby Schroeder

    Jimmy, your post made me wonder what organization you started on your own? In high school I think it was really nice to have everyone in the same building, it was really easy to find people. I honestly didn’t use my email much in high school cause it was much easier to just walk down the hall and talk to a teacher or fellow student; however I use it a lot more now that I’m in college. It’s nice to have a central way to communicate with anyone on campus because we’re all so spread out!

  2. I agree with your post here. The best way to communicate is verbal but sometimes the easiest is just to email the members of the group. Its cool that you started your own organization too.

  3. Jimmy,
    When you talked about how face to face conversations were working better than emails, I had to chuckle. In our ROTC program, on campus, we were having problems getting people to communicate among emails due to the lack of responses. I like how you progressed through the steps though. It was neat seeing how you started with one form of communication and found a new more efficient process and switched to that. Good Job!

    -Austin M.

  4. Jimmy,
    I personally love a good face to face communication. It allows you to see and get a sense of what the other person is feeling along with saying. Like for instance if I were telling you this face to face you would see my genuine facial expressions but since you can’t really see me I could be showing a face to you with my tongue stuck out and googly eyes. Needless to say that you can never take anything written over the internet too serious because you can not see what the people are feeling about what they write. Great Job!

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