Discussion Question #4

By: Marina Eggen

In the organizations I have been apart of it has been most effective to use all four types of communication together (verbal, nonverbal, visual, written). I’ll use the example of a basketball team. Every member of the organization is not together all the time so written communication is essential for updates and meeting times.  When my coach had updates for us he would post them on the bulletin board in the locker room. Then when we are able to meet verbal and nonverbal communication work together to give the members a clear grasp of the information being relayed.  Nonverbal communication can help the leaders of the group understand what their members are saying if those members don’t always speak up.  In basketball our coach would tell us what to do in practice or in a game.  Then on the court my team would have to communicate to play effectively.  Visual communication can be helpful when explaining some ideas or points just because some people are visual learners.  Such as when we need to learn a play we would draw it out.  However, if I had to pick one type of communication to be most effective it would be verbal.  This communication is the easiest and fastest way to relay information.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Question #4

  1. Marina,

    I can really relate to everything you’re saying I played on a basketball team as well. I do believe that verbal communication is extremely effect in basketball, especially when a coach is yelling plays at you during a game. However, I would never have been able to learn a single thing without the coach drawing out plays onto his markerboard and going through them step by step on the court as if we were chess pieces the coach was moving. But nice work I always enjoy reading your posts!


  2. Marina,
    I can agree with your post because I was also involved in sports so I for sure know how communication of all kinds is essential. Also, I agree with your thought that verbal communication is the most useful and the easiest.

  3. Marina,
    I liked your post a lot. I liked how you would bring up specific examples and explain why that communication was used. I thought it was interesting how you progressed through your post about your team. You didn’t just focus on one aspect of your team but it seemed to be an all around look at the communication between your team. I thought you did a good job!

    -Austin M.

  4. Sports without communication is like milk without cookies… it just doesn’t work! Prime example would be the replacement refs for the NFL. Needless to say that I agree with your ideas and concepts to the highest degree. Keep up the great work!

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