Discussion Question 4

By: Shelby Schroeder

I have been involved in many organizations.  Mostly back in high school.  One organization that sticks out in my mind was the student council.   The great thing about this organization was that everyone had a job to do or task to complete.  There was the the leader of the organization who was a teacher, and then representatives from each of the classes.  We would first communicate by announcing a meeting over the loud speaker, so that every one was in the same area to discuss things.  We had to have good communication within the group in order to convey our ideas to the rest of the student body.  The teacher in charge of the student council got ideas from us, and together we all decided what the best plan of action was.  Then it was the teacher’s duty to talk to other teachers and administrators to try to persuade them to allow us to make changes to the school. It was also my duty as a representative of my class to convey our ideas back to the rest of the class.  If anyone failed at communicating internally in the group, it was hard to show our ideas to the rest of the school.  After talking with the rest of the school we would report back what our peers thought, and came up with the best plan for action!


4 thoughts on “Discussion Question 4

  1. This was a great example of how groups communicate. There is so much communication in each organization and this really brought that idea to the front. I especially liked it because I was never really a part of an organization like that due to the sports I was in. Good Job Shelby

  2. Shelby,
    I liked how you talked about how important the chain of command is and that if one person did not do their job then the others would suffer as a result. Good example!

  3. Shelby,
    I liked how you talked about the processes of communication throughout your group. I also really liked your ending. You mentioned that if we did not communicate internally that we can’t fully communicate externally. I thought that was a good statement. Good Job!

    -Austin M.

  4. I loved the part about the chain of command. A chain of command within an organization just makes things easier in certain issues. The prime example would be the military. What would happen if there were no Generals or Admirals? Personally I feel as if there would be no order and/or no reason for recruits to fallow what their orders are. Great Job and keep up the great work!

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