Discussion Question Week 3

How do groups communicate verbally and non-verbally?

It’s no secret that verbal communication hasn’t always been around. That’s why non-verbal communication can be such an important and effective way to communicate with people. Some looks people give can be a better way of understanding what message the person in trying convey than the actual things that person says. For example, if I make a joke in front of my mom that she doesn’t approve of, I know immediately that it upsets her, she doesn’t even need to tell me. Her face gets scrunched up, her arms cross and I make sure to fix the situation in any way I can. Sometimes this way of communicating is unintentional and for my picture example that is especially true. The picture is from years back and it shows my grandfather gambling at my family’s house during a party. Gamblers rely mostly on the cards they receive, but a large amount of information can be derived from the different facial expressions and other odd movements of the opponent thought to be completely unintentional. This information can be used to learn about your opponents possible hand and any tactics they thinks are being kept a secret. The ways communication can be accomplished are vast and all are important. Just the other day I was visiting the Syverson senior living home here in Eau Claire. I played my guitar from room to room for some of the elderly people there and I soon found out that its essential to be able to use touch and hand signals to communicate where most of the time standard speech won’t cut it. Image


One thought on “Discussion Question Week 3

  1. The way you told your story about your mother and your joke made the transition from an explanation to something that happens in everyday life. Great job and great idea on the picture. It really speaks to you when your looking at it.

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