Concept Review 2

These are the concepts you need to review:

Social Exchange Theory/ Equity Theory

Collective Conscious

Individuals’ influence on groups 

Groupmind/ group think

How sending a message is not synonymous with communicating

How communication differs from understanding

Here are the links to the blogs: (remember as of the moment that you have to copy and paste the URL address in order to get to their blog page.)

6 thoughts on “Concept Review 2

  1. Here are the concepts that MARINA E liked the most:
    Concept Exchange theory/ Equity Theory: Ellie Arvidson (Team Fall) She explained the definition in her own words very well. Also the example was well thought out

    Collective Conscious: Matt P (Team Fall) His example perfectly illustrated the concept with great accuracy

    Individual’s influence on groups: Betty Nelson (Team Fall) I liked how she explained individual’s influence in the four different types of groups.

    Groupmind/ Group think: Kenzie Anhorn (Sexy 6) Her concept was very well written and very complete

    Sending a message is not synonymous with communicating: Sara B. (Sexy 6) The example was perfect about must receive message to be communication.

    Communication differs from understanding: Sara B. (Sexy 6) It was a good definition and it was also the only one of the four groups to have this concept done.

  2. By: Shelby Schroeder

    Social Exchange Theory/ Equity Theory: I liked Taylor B’s (from the sexy six) I thought he definition made a lot of sense, and her example was simple yet connected well.

    Collective Conscious: I chose Matt P from team fall’s example. I liked the multiple examples he had throughout his definition.

    Individuals’ influence on groups: I liked Betty Nelson from team fall and Peter G’s from the sexy six. I think Betty’s was long and detailed, but Peter’s was succinct and easy to understand.

    Groupmind/ group think: I think Kenzie (sexy 6) had the best, she had some really great examples

    How sending a message is not synonymous with communicating: I think Sara B (the sexy 6) had the best post. Her Iphone app example really stuck in my mind.

    How communication differs from understanding: Sara B (the sexy 6) was the only one to complete the assingment, but did so very well.

  3. Social Exchange Theory/ Equity Theory: Taylor B’s (Team Sexy 6) definition was one of the better ones out of those placed on the other blogs even though it doesn’t really have an example.

    Collective Conscious:Matt P’s (Team Fall) is by far the best explanation out of those that have been written. His examples are great along with that his definition is spot on.

    Individuals’ influence on groups: Betty Nelson’s (Team Fall) definition of Individuals influence on groups is a great insight into what it means along with the fact that her ideas worked contrary to it being a little longer then usual.

    Groupmind/ group think: Kenzie A’s (Team sexy 6) had the examples that backed up what she had blogged. Hands down the best.

    How sending a message is not synonymous with communicating: Sara B’s (Team Sexy 6) her ideas about how the apps within the I-pod and all her ideas are wonderful.

    How communication differs from understanding: Once again Sara B’s ideals on “How communication differs from understanding” takes the cake. Everything just flowed

  4. Social Exchange Theory/ Equity Theory- I Liked Taylor B’s posting on this topic. I liked her example because I thought it accurately portrayed the message of her posting. I thought it was good. I agree with Marina that Ellie A, from Team Fallowers, had a great definition. In the long run I think I gravitated more to Taylor B.’s posting.

    Collective Conscious: I Like Matt P, from the Fallowers. I thought he gave a great definition backed up by a current and relevant example.

    Individual’s influence on Group: I liked Bettye Nelson’s, The Fallowers, post here. I liked how Bettye mentioned the different kinds of groups and how it may be easier to influence in some groups versus the other groups. I thought it was well done.

    Group Mind/ Group Think: Kenzie Anhorn, from Sexysix6, receives my vote. In her post she referenced the book a lot.

    How Sending A Message Is Not Synonymous With Communicating: Gretchen B, from the Fallowers. She had great examples and a good definition I thought. I liked how she talks about communication as a dual activity.

    How Communication Differs From Understanding: Sara B. from Sexysix6. By default she is the winner but she also did a good job at explaining the topic with a brief explanation. She had a good example tagged along with it too.

  5. Ok so tell me if any of you disagree with these and I’ll send them in:

    Social Exchange Theory/ Equity Theory: Taylor B (Sexy Six)

    Collective Conscious: Matt P (Team Fall)

    Individuals’ influence on groups : Betty Nelson ( Team Fall)

    Groupmind/ group think: Kenzie Anhorn (Sexy Six)

    How sending a message is not synonymous with communicating: Sara B (Sexy 6)

    How communication differs from understanding: Sara B (Sexy 6)

  6. SOCIAL EXCHANGE THEORY/ EQUITY THEORY- I like Taylor B’s post from the sexy six’s because she used a good example that most of us could relate to. Also, her news article correlated well with her argument and because it was from her area, I could tell she knew a great deal about the situation.

    COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS- Matt P’s description made a lot of sense to me and I also enjoyed his explanations as well.

    INDIVIDUALS INFLUENCE ON GROUPS- I liked Betty Nelson of the Fallowers explanation because she talked about both how an individual can influence a group positively and negatively and she also touched on how the size of the group matters as well.

    GROUP MIND/ GROUP THINK- Kenzie Anhorn of the sexy6 used a lot of cited definitions with good comments and a well thought out article selection.

    SENDING A MESSAGE IS NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH COMMUNICATING- I liked Gretchen B of the Fallowers the best because she talked about how communicating is a two sided thing and when you send a message there needs to be a reaction/reply for it to be communication.

    HOW COMMUNICATION DIFFERS FROM UNDERSTANDING- Sarah B from the sexy six did a good job with bother her scholarly and personal example

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