Uncertainty Reduction Theory

By: Shelby Schroeder

The Uncertainty Reduction Theory is major theory of why we form relationships. Simply put, when you meet someone new you wont like the uneasiness or uncertainty focused around not knowing anything about that person.   It motivates you to get to know them better. It’s just like how a lot of us feel as freshman in college, everyone is so new to each other.  At first we asked each other what our home towns were, but as you get to know them better you begin to ask them more personal questions about their lives, it all reduces uncertainty . How much we like a person is proportional to the amount of uncertainty we feel around them.

Example: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/22/friends-key-to-happiness-in-midlife_n_1823615.html

Example Explanation: The huffington post article shows that a core center of friends is the key to happiness.  This helps support the uncertainty reduction theory because it shows that we aren’t happy in our lives unless we get to know people.  It’s human nature to want to know personal things about other people and share your personal feelings with other people as well.

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