Social Relationships At Work: Task Dimension

By: Shelby Schroeder

Concept: Task dimension goes hand in hand with social dimension.  At work you generally need to balance being professional and social with your coworkers.  The task dimension is our professional relationship with workers. This can often create a lot of tension, because yes you want to get along with people at work: it will make your time more enjoyable, but you also have to know where to draw the line.  For example when choosing whether someone should get a promotion or not, you need to use task dimension.  You might want to select your friend for the position but it’s important to select the best person for the job.


Example Explanation:  This is an example that shows what can happen when a work place isn’t balanced well. These workers were being treated poorly by their bosses.  This help shows that it is important to maintain balance and respect for your employees.  These employees decided to socially band together and protest.  It makes me wonder if  the professional side of the relationship wasn’t very well developed.   It show that in order to have a happy workplace, people there needs to be a respectful balance between bosses and their workers.


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