Social Relationships At Work: Social Dimension

By: Marina Eggen

At work the social dimension of a relationship with a co-worker, boss, or client is the personal side of that relationship.  The actual friendship you have with your co-worker.  This is not the business side to the relationship; it’s the fun side.  The social dimensions can sometimes have a negative effect.  It can occasionally or often clash with the task dimensions.  It can cause two co-workers to become off task during work, or chat too much during a meeting.  It could also have a positive effect on the people in the relationship.  Friendships with co-workers could mean more work satisfaction which in turn leads to better work ethic and determination.  There is also the social dimension between your boss.  This could possible become tricky when important decisions need to be made that affect someone in the relationship.  A third social relationship at work is with a client.  If the social dimension interrupts the task dimension then there is a problem.  Social relationships at work can be a great experience and have positive or negative effects. (Critical Thinking in Communication 62).

Here is the example:

This is a news article that explains how different generation in the same workplace can cause misunderstandings.  The same logic that this article sets forth can be applied to making friends in the work place.  If you are personally connected to a person and are more comfortable talking to them, less miscommunications and misunderstandings will happen.


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