Entitativity/ Perceptions of Groups

It’s often been said that a team or a group is only as strong as it’s weakest link, when thinking in terms of a group being one cohesive unit (entitativity) this idea is especially true. The individuals in a group are essential, but when labeled, they are always viewed as one entity- hence the root of the word. When I think about bands as an example, there are two ways they are named; a name each individual member agreed upon, or the name of the most talented and important person in the group. The same goes for other groups, its easier to view them as one thing instead of accounting for every member of the group. When people are seen as one group, they gain more power because instead of being seen as weaker individuals they are seen as an organized team. The mafia had power because people feared the name even if they knew nothing about any individual in that group. Groups receive power through being labeled, that’s how Team Awesome became the elite, powerful and intelligent group they are today.


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