Discussion Week Three.

How do groups communicate verbally and nonverbally?

Groups communicate verbally and nonverbally through expressions of the body and words. Groups can communicate verbally through the internet, radio, television, newspaper, telephone, or by mouth. Verbal communication between groups allows for groups to express, in detail, their message intentions. Many times we see people combine verbal and nonverbal tactics to communicate. If we were to look at the presidential race we might see Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney expressing their viewpoints with much emotion. You won’t see Mitt Romney smiling as he encourages you not to vote for Obama but rather he expresses a state of certainty upon his face. The same applies to Obama about Romney. Nonverbal communication expresses the emotions, while verbal communication describes the heart of the message. Groups use both tactics in everyday tasks. It is a very common procedure. I come to think about football coaches yelling as they try to correct players mistakes. They are stressing the importance of correcting the mistake by their yelling and most likely their body language. Groups who can express their voice through verbal and nonverbal communication has the power to go far. They have the power to influence and become powerful groups. Verbal and nonverbal communication go hand in hand. Groups see the importance of this concept and utilize it.

This picture is of my freshman football team cheering after a win. Looking at the picture alone, our nonverbal communication shows that we are a team with a common purpose and that we are excited! Our verbal communication can not be fully described due to the fact that we do not have a video of the same situation, but one can assume the verbal communication is cheering. We show that by shouting and using our nonverbal communication of smiling.



3 thoughts on “Discussion Week Three.

  1. By: Shelby Schroeder

    Austin, I’m glad you posted a picture of your football team! It’s a great example of a group. You can tell that everyone is extremely excited based on their body language. Everyone has their helmets raised so you can tell everyone is really united and excited. I liked how you mentioned that when the coaches yell, it expresses the importance of something you guys should all remember.

  2. Austin, I liked the example of a football team because that is a large group. Large group communication can be very hard at times but this picture shows that the team is coming together and communicating. They may not all be talking to one another but they are all communicating after a win.

  3. Austin,
    You used a great example with your football team, everybody can tell who wins during a sports event because of the victory dance and many celebrations. I do sports as well and iv’e experienced this first hand. Also, I really like how you said nonverbal communication can be really powerful.


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