Discussion Week 2 Picture

My picture is a picture of my friend Adam and me. Though no one is talking in the picture, we both are in stances that show we are willing to talk or have the capability to communicate easily. I am using my hand as a signal to help describe what I am saying. Adam is sitting there with his hand on his chin as if he was listening intently. The body signs we give each other show others that we are talking and discussing. Language and symbols show our communication in this picture. The language is assumed, but the picture shows symbols of communication between two friends having a fun discussion.



3 thoughts on “Discussion Week 2 Picture

  1. By: Shelby Schroeder

    Austin, this picture seems pretty funny to me, it really makes me wonder what you guys are talking about. I think you did a good job of explaining communication between you and your friend. You can tell you guys are really close just by your body language. You’re spot on when you said that even though you can’t tell what you’re saying you can tell its a fun discussion!

  2. Through your’s and your friend’s body language the reader can just image what is being said in this conversation. The non verbal communicating that is happening in the picture gives us insight that its a fun, easy going conversation. Good job explaining this picture but still leaving the actual conversation up to the reader to figure out.

  3. Austin,
    I like how the picture shows your friend using his hands to illustrate his point because I have known so many “hand-talkers”. Good example of how body language is used.

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