Discussion Question 3

Marina Eggen: Group Communication

There are many ways groups can communicate when the people are all together in one place.  Now with the use of technology groups can also communicate when they are not even in the same city.  This is a picture of my mom, dad, two brothers, and myself just after we had a conversation on Skype.  Even though my parents live in Hortonville, my brothers live in Madison, and I live here we were all able to talk to each other at one time.  We could all see each other faces and hear each other voices.  Verbally my siblings and I told college stories and my mom and dad smiled and laughed at them.  Nonverbally, we all shook our head at my oldest brother, and laughed at my brother Alex.  For some stories the nonverbal communication was different between my brothers and my parents.  I could tell from my parents’ face that they are so proud of all three of us for getting this far.  We did this all online too.  It is so easy to stay in touch with a group of people who you don’t see everyday through technology. Image


3 thoughts on “Discussion Question 3

  1. By Shelby Schroeder

    Marina, I loved your example of a group! I never really thought about an online group for this assignment. If I really stop to think about it though, these are where most of our groups are nowadays. Technology is really advancing, and it amazes me to think that programs like skype allow us to keep in touch with anyone in the entire world. I also like your examples of verbal and non verbal communication, unlike if you’re just talking to someone on the phone, you can really see someone’s reactions of what someone is thinking just by watching their facial expressions. I’m glad you’re keeping in touch with your family! If you want to check out a pretty funny discussion post I recommend this one:http://sexysix6.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/how-do-groups-communicate-verbally-and-non-verbally-peter-g/

  2. Marina,
    That was a very good example I thought! I like how you talked about technology bring people together. When I thought of a group i was thinking more along the lines of a physical group (face to face) but I love how you took it another way. You mentioned how a group can meet even when distance separates them. That was a very interesting way to look at it! Well done!

    -Austin M.

  3. Marina,
    The first example iv’e seen where one thinks about online communication as opposed to direct face to face verbal and nonverbal communication. Especially with the online delay on skype you can really notice all of the facial expressions that you a lot of times don’t always notice.


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