Concept Review

Hey so I think these are the concepts we’re supposed to look at…someone correct me if I’m can just comment under here when you review them all

Gutenberg’s Press Impact POLITICAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact SOCIAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact ECONOMICAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact CULTURAL-

Gutenberg’s Press Impact ACADEMIC-


6 thoughts on “Concept Review

  1. Here are the concept definitions that I thought were the best:

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact POLITICAL- I thought elijahf94 had the best explanation (member of the bulldogs). He not only discussed how it impacted the older culture such as royalty not being able to control everyone, but also how it is impacted today, like through face book and the fact that anyone can spread information through all the technology we have.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact SOCIAL- I thought Taylor B’s was the best. (member of the sexy 6 haha funny name) I like how she focused on the fact that it made communication more free, almost as if there was a loss of control over people regulating communication.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact ECONOMICAL- I liked Ellie Arvidson’s post (member of Team Fall) because it explained that the main thing was that it really allowed for us to print multiple copies of things, opening an entire new market for buying and selling books, magazine, or just anything you could possibly think of!

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact CULTURAL- I liked Mackenzie’s definition ( Member of Sexy 6) She showed that it was allowed so many different people to access the information which led to a huge cultural change.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact ACADEMIC- I think Taylor B’s (member of the sexy 6) is the best, I liked her example of plagarism, and how she talked about how reading spread.

  2. Here’s what I thought were the best responses:

    Gutenberg’s Press: POLITICAL impact. I thought Matt P from Team Fall had the best definition for that concept because his example was very helpful for the overall understanding of the concept

    Gutenberg’s Press: SOCIAL impact. I also thought Taylor B’s definition from sexy 6 was the best because he went to depth enough to understand the concept but he did not over do it with length.

    Gutenberg’s Press: ECONOMICAL impact. I thought Ellie’s response from Team Fall was the best because she explained that due to the printing press jobs and income were both increasing greatly. Leslie’s from Panda wasn’t bad either.

    Gutenberg’s Press: CULTURAL impact. I definitly thought Mackenzie’s from Sexy 6 was the best by far. I completely understood the whole concept after reading just her definition. It was great.

    Gutenberg’s Press: Academic impact. I thought Jordyn N’s response from Team Fall was the best. She did a great job of explaining how school today still benefit from the press.

    By: Marina Eggen 🙂

  3. Gutenberg’s press: POLITICAL- Elijahf94 of team Bulldog definitely hit the nail on the dead for this one. His example of the kingdoms in the past was a great look on how important the establishment of the printing press was especially how he explains that ideas and thoughts could now spread at an alarming rate. Then he tied his old example in nicely with a modern day example (the internet) which was a good way to have his definition make more sense and a great way for us to relate to it.

    Gutenberg’s press: SOCIAL- Agreeing with my teammates selection, to me Taylor B’s definition from the sexysix was rock solid. I think it was good that she talked about how literacy rates shot up and about the industrial revolution- an example we all know of. Then she brought it home with her iPad example, a current day phenomenon that doubles as an example I would of used. Good job.

    Gutenberg’s press: ECONOMICAL- Ellie from the Falls had the best example I saw because she seems knowledgeable about her topic which suggests she did the proper research. I also liked how she talked about the effect that individuals and companies can have on the consumer, which is very true.

    Gutenberg’s press: CULTURAL- I liked Gretchenb1’s of the Falls definition the best because she discusses the internet today and how important the press was for that invention. I also love her sentence: “… therefore establishing a more connected, yet independent thinking society.” This is a great sentence because it shows how the printing press brought people together with the new sense of free expression along with people themselves becoming more in tune with their feelings and beliefs, now that they realize they actually have a say in things.

    Gutenberg’s press: ACADEMIC- Jordyn’s (Team Falls) description sounded best to me because she did well using the increase in literacy example as well as talking about how lower class people now had a chance to become more. Then she used a good example of how important facts and figures are for making good decisions, along with the increased circulation of information due to the printing press, which made a lot of sense to me.

    -Jimmy Lavie

  4. Gutenberg’s Press Impact: Political- I liked elijahf94, from the bulldogs, response the most. He started off fairly simple with his explanation and grew upon it. I liked how he mentioned the populace and what education can do for them or change society for them. I like the transitions found within the blog.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact: Social- I liked Taylor B’s post, from sexysix6, the most. Taylor went very in-depth with the description and brought up more than just literacy rates but what also resulted with the increase of literacy rates when it comes to work. Not to say other posts did not talk about results form the printing press, but I just like how Taylor mentioned luxury time. I thought it was a good post.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact: Economic- Sara B., from sexysix6, had an interesting twist to her post. She briefly talked about how the press had an impact on amount of literature available but she also talked about the mass printing of money. I thought that was interesting because I never thought of that when I was reading these posts.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact: Cultural: Mackenzie A., from sexysix6, won my vote. All of the posts were really good. I just noticed though that Mackenzie was the only one with an example linked to her post. I may be wrong about that, but that is what won my vote. They were all good, and all touched upon the same topics. Well done by all!

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact: Academic- Taylor B., from sexysix6, won my vote again. I thought Taylor’s post was a good description of what occurred academically through the invention of Gutenberg’s press. She expressed how luxury turned into expectations. In other words, people became expectant of others to learn to read and write. Good post!

    -Austin M.

  5. Gutenberg’s Press Impact POLITICAL- Out of all of the definition’s that I looked at the two that I liked the most had to be Elijahf94’s (Team Bulldogs) and Matt P’s (Team Fall). I liked Elijahf94’s definition about how it effected the political world of the past. While I liked just as well Matt P’s example that he used about the Islamic extremists. Both would be great ideas to review for a quiz and etc…

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact SOCIAL- Taylor B’s (Team Sexy 6) explanation for the Social Impact that Gutenberg’s Press had is the most professional and sophisticated blog I have read yet. She knows what she is talking about and has the examples to support her arguments.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact ECONOMICAL- I rather enjoy both sarabachmann’s (Team Sexy 6) along with Ellie Arvidson’s (Team Fall) definitions of how Gutenberg’s Press impacted the Economy. Both hold strong arguments and give great examples on what they see as a result of said argument.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact CULTURAL- Mackenzie A’s (Team Sexy 6) definition of How Gutenberg’s Press impacted the culture of those around us is a great one at that. She includes her page numbers of the book she used along with the fact that she also added the paragraph section in which she thought was important for her example.

    Gutenberg’s Press Impact ACADEMIC- Once again I will say that Taylor B (Team Sexy 6) takes the cake for being the best ideal definition of this concept. Again she has surpassed any other blogger’s idea due to the fact that her fact’s and opinions are stone solid.

    *Also team I posted the same thing Shelby did so if you want to copy your’s to there also. Thank you and I apologize for the wait.*

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