Concept Review for Communication Definitions of Chapter 1-2

Hey there Team of Awesome people! I apologize that it took me a while to put this up but it is up none the less so here are the five concepts we need to review:

  • Academic Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Social Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Economic Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Cultural Impact of Gutenberg’s Press
  • Political Impact of Gutenberg’s Press

Here are the links to the blogs: (remember as of the moment that you have to copy and paste the URL address in order to get to their blog page.)

Tell me what you think of them all and enjoy! I also apologize once again.

One thought on “Concept Review for Communication Definitions of Chapter 1-2

  1. Political Impact of Gutenberg’s Press- Out of all of the definition’s that I looked at the two that I liked the most had to be Elijahf94’s (Team Bulldogs) and Matt P’s (Team Fall). I liked Elijahf94’s definition about how it effected the political world of the past. While I liked just as well Matt P’s example that he used about the Islamic extremists. Both would be great ideas to review for a quiz and etc…

    Social Impact of Gutenberg’s Press- Taylor B’s (Team Sexy 6) explanation for the Social Impact that Gutenberg’s Press had is the most professional and sophisticated blog I have read yet. She knows what she is talking about and has the examples to support her arguments.

    Economic Impact of Gutenberg’s Press- I rather enjoy both sarabachmann’s (Team Sexy 6) along with Ellie Arvidson’s (Team Fall) definitions of how Gutenberg’s Press impacted the Economy. Both hold strong arguments and give great examples on what they see as a result of said argument.

    Cultural Impact of Gutenberg’s Press- Mackenzie A’s (Team Sexy 6) definition of How Gutenberg’s Press impacted the culture of those around us is a great one at that. She includes her page numbers of the book she used along with the fact that she also added the paragraph section in which she thought was important for her example.

    Academic Impact of Gutenberg’s Press- Once again I will say that Taylor B (Team Sexy 6) takes the cake for being the best ideal definition of this concept. Again she has surpassed any other blogger’s idea due to the fact that her fact’s and opinions are stone solid.

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