Technological Determinism Defined

By Jimmy Lavorato

Technological Determinism means that technology will always keep improving and its improvements effect culture and social progress. Progress is affected by technology and how it changes over time suggests change in the way people think and behave. Like a wheel that never stops rolling, technology has no end until our end comes. One example is the new tablets that have started appearing. Years ago the thought of having something with all the capabilities of today’s tablets was unthinkable. Just like now where we have no idea what’s coming next but when it does, the cycle will repeat itself.  Now we have all the information and means to communicate we could ever need right in our hands. We can take it with us anywhere we go and it is even smaller than a laptop. The way we work, communicate and even live is changed by this invention. That is technological determinism, the undying efforts of our own creations that shape how we view the world and live in it.


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