Medias influence on the definition of cultural diversity.

By Austin M.

Cultural Diversity –  The mixing and recognition of various cultures within a society deemed acceptable.

-American Multicultural Society.

-The New York Times. “Obama ends’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy

The media plays a significant role on the definition of cultural diversity in today’s society. The media is able to portray various cultures through awareness months, new stories or public broadcasting. The mass media has the capability to reach the ears of many without having to see an immediate response. We can go out and see different groups fighting for diversity through means of the media. For example, the LGBT groups have been on the television fighting for equality and for understanding. Also we have had Martin Luther King fighting for equality of all men and women, regardless of race. He was broadcasted on national television and became a household name. Through the expressions of others, in media, people can come together and align themselves with what they believe in. This has come to dramatically change what we define as acceptable culture. Thus, diversifying culture. This is not to say that people were not able to promote cultural diversity before technology was incorporated with media, but the technology had the capability to spread the information at a faster pace. Media allows us to voice our opinions and facts to others willing to listen. Thus allowing us to spread and share common ideas and opinions among a wide variety of people, not just our communities. When you can get a lot of people supporting a cause, it starts to become acceptable in the culture, leading to diversity within that culture. When people start diversifying culture, the definition of the cultural diversity changes.


The article posted above talks about the repeal of the  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that was in affect in the United States military. The policy would not allow for gays, lesbians, bisexual or transgender persons to serve openly in the military. That is not to say that persons of a sexual orientation previously stated were not in the military, but they just weren’t allowed to openly voice their orientation. The Obama administration has gone to repeal that act, with help of congress, on Sept 20th, 2011. This is a radical change in the diversity of the military due to the increasing support for the LGBT groups in our country. Our cultural diversity has changed due to this repeal and this article shows the new definition of our diversity. MLK’s Speech, “I have a Dream”.

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