Discussion Questions One and Two

By Austin Merritt

Q1: How does communication influence culture?

Communication is essential to the survival and progressing of a culture. It could also be the downfall for cultures, in other ways. Propaganda is one form of communication that can easily influence a culture. Adolf Hitler used propaganda to blame the Jews for the economic crisis facing the world, which in return, people today use slang towards the Jewish culture. On the positive side, communication can help build infrastructure, make laws, entertainment or just to have a conversation in everyday situations. Today, communication influences cultures through trends. When common day people see celebrities wearing, or doing, something, they tend to follow the lead. Cultures get changed through trends. Communication of something popular can sway a culture’s identity. Cultures also can be affected by technology, which can easily be affected by communications. Technology allows for people to access communication easier and quicker. This allows for culture to be influenced sooner. Communication plays a large roll on culture.

Q2: How do language and symbols create communication?

Language and symbols create communication by being representatives of a meaning that is trying to be portrayed. At one point in time, present or past, an agreement was made between multiple people that a common language, or symbols, would each represent something unique to that language, or symbol. People found it necessary to create language and symbols because when they traveled from their communities, communication grew difficult. During trade people would use language and symbols to further communicate and commit trades. Language and symbols provided a chance for people to become literate. People were giving the chance to learn to read and write and function literately within a society. Language and symbols allowed for people to express their ideas and meanings to each other. Through this, surrounding areas become involved and grew into empires, not just small communities. Language and symbols have helped create communication because they are used for a demonstration to represent someone’s point of view.


3 thoughts on “Discussion Questions One and Two

  1. Austin,
    I really like how you added that communication can be a negative on culture. Everyone has been focusing on the good communication can do (which is a lot) but we have forgotten to mention it can also be a bad thing. In your second question I like how you went back to the very first language was formed. You got the readers thinking about what really happened when a new language was formed. Then you grew the language and symbols to explain how they formed empires and more. Great Job.

  2. Austin,
    I agree with what Marina points out in your first answer, communication is kind of like a ying-yang symbol in which you can not have one (positive/negative) without the other. Great job on both of your questions! I am looking forward to seeing what else you write big guy!
    – Jack (John) Junker

  3. Austin,
    I liked how you talked about propaganda in your first question and how it’s so easy for people to influenced by that type of communication. It’s good that you weighed in with both of the positive and negative types of communication because when you look at just one side of a topic, you often are missing a lot of information. Also, I liked how you talked about celebrities too and their influence along with a smooth transition into technologies impact as well. It was a good read!
    -Jimmy Lavorato

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