Definition: Mass communication influencing definition of Beauty


The media reports on what is most important to the culture of its audience.  Our culture in the U.S. values women who are beautiful and skinny.  Because of this fact the media glorifies the most beautiful and casts aside the “ugly”.  It started back with the Disney movies you watched when you were young.  All the heroines were all disproportionally skinny and drop dead gorgeous.  Now think about the TV shows you watch.  All the main actresses are thin and attractive and the actors in the shows only fall for the most stunning.  Magazines only have the best-looking women with a perfect face and complexion to be on the cover.  The media shows us how we should look to be considered beautiful or to be accepted.  This is such a distorted definition of beauty though.  Most of these women don’t actually look like that is real life.  They are covered in makeup and photo shopped to look like the images appear.  Our culture now is asking for women to be as beautiful as the media portrays them, but this is close to impossible.  The media’s influence on the definition of beauty is so strong and loud most young girls only listen to them.  This usually brings hurt, eating disorders, low self esteem, and heartbreak.  (Critical Thinking in Communication 13)

Real Example:

This is a news article from the New York Times Backstage Beauty Report.  This article explains everything that goes into a look a “pure Beauty” that apparently goes with springtime.  This is a perfect example of how the media explains to every person who reads the article (usually young girls) how to be “beautiful” in society’s eyes.

Another Example:


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