By: Shelby Schroeder

Concept: Bounded Cultures or Co- Cultures

Definition:  Bounded Cultures are smaller groups we belong to that are found inside the larger Dominant or National culture.  We as Americans often take pride in our subcultures and we can even switch back in forth from our dominant and sub cultures.  For example we are all American, but some of us are Irish Americans, or perhaps Latino Americans.  We also have various religions, come from different places, and have various beliefs.  Sub cultures are generally good things, and it helps differentiate ourselves from one another.  However, as you will see in the example below it can sometimes create a lot of conflict.

Example: CNN September 11,2012

Example Explanation:  Here we saw that a sub culture (Muslims) are experiencing a lot of discrimination after 9/11.  A lot of people are frightened of them and refuse to accept them into the larger National Culture simply because the terrorists on the plane attack were Muslims.  We may see this as very ignorant, but it shows how sub cultures are a large part of our lives that can not only bring out our unique characteristics, but cause conflict between one another.


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