Discussion Questions 1 and 2

By: Marina E

Q1:How does communication influence culture?  Communication greatly influences the culture we live in because it’s how we relay information to each other.  Different cultures have different verbal and non-verbal communication.  In our culture, when someone crosses their leg it could mean they are getting down to business but in another culture it could be offensive and rude.  Through this act of non-verbal communication the culture is being shaped due to the meaning of the action.  This is similar with verbal communication.  A simple sentence or saying in one culture could have a completely different meaning in another.  These forms of communication shape the cultures we live in.

Q2: How do language and symbols create communication? Language is what we use to communicate to each other verbally.  The language that we understand and know is how we intake information from others and relay information to others.  We use language to communicate our thoughts.  Symbols are used to create that language that we communicate with.  Symbols could be the letters that are forming these words to communicate to you the answer to this question or they could be someone’s facial expression telling you to stop rambling.  Symbols are used all throughout the language to communicate to others in the society.  All communication is based off of the symbols that create the language we communicate with.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Questions 1 and 2

  1. Marina,

    I really liked when you said “Culture is being shaped due to the meaning of the action”. We often hear people say that our actions speak louder than words, and in this case I think it s really true, our physical actions have a way to shape our culture. It was a great way to look at non verbal communication. I think you and I agreed on a lot of things in the second discussion question. I looked at symbols as being the building blocks for the words we used. I encourage you to take a look at Jimmy’s answer to the second question: https://teamawesomeuwec.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/discussion-questions-one-and-two-2/ it was a really different approach with many different examples of symbols.

  2. Marina,

    I loved the example that you used within the first question which would be the part about the body language of “leg crossing” within different cultures. (I honestly thought people did it because they were uncomfortable) For your second question remember that language is not always “verbal” like for instance sign language, but I enjoyed the fact that you had put “Symbols are used to create that language we communicate with” due to the fact that I believe you are absolutly right. Apart from having it short and sweet try to make it more gripping to the reader, but other that that wonderful job! Keep up the great work!

    – Jack (John) Junker

  3. Marina,
    It’s important to know the powerful effect communication has on everyone and through your answers I could tell that you are aware of this. Great examples of how when different cultures clash, it’s usually the result of a miscommunication. Also, you made good note of the large variety of ways to communicate, such as facial expressions which a lot of the times are symbols themselves because they stand for different emotions. Great job!

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